BVI Business Grey Area

BVI Business Grey Area is a blog dedicated to news, events, cases or situations related to the business in the BVI or the business of BVI-registered companies which are either negative or to some extent bad, or in a way obscure, sometimes indistinct, or just unclear, or fraudulent, or scandalous, or unethical etc. These are fraud and litigation cases, cases of dubious political deals, taxation problems of BVI companies, and different aspects of unethical business practice that may be held in this offshore jurisdiction.

The blog is divided into several categories related to “grey area” matters. These are “British Virgin Islands”, “BVI companies”, “BVI Courts”, “BVI Investment Funds”, “BVI Trusts”, “Corruption Scandals”, “Court Decisions”, “Frauds”, “Investigation”, “Litigation”, “Money Laundering”, “Politician Deals”, “Scam“, “Tax Fraud”, “Tax Planning”, “Tax Shelters”, “Unethical business practice”.

In this blog, we stick to the idea to gather and share the information that can be interesting, useful or just entertaining to those who are either somehow related to the British Virgin Islands or just have interest in one of the most popular and effective jurisdictions in the offshore world and BVI-registered companies business.

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