BVI company’s suspicious transactions investigated by US federal law officials

The news agency published information about the previously undisclosed complex web of financial transactions, which involved the transfer of money from Russia and Switzerland to the British Virgin Islands, Bangkok and New Jersey. The suspicious money transfers involved the participants of Trump Tower Russia meeting in June 2016. According to the documents, a billionaire real estate developer Agalarov close to both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin used offshore accounts to filter money.

The investigation of federal law enforcement officials is focused on two sets of transactions. The first one was short time after the meeting, when a British Virgin Islands company Silver Valley Consulting controlled by Agalarov sent more than US$19.5mln to his account at a bank in New York. Some days later, the BVI company made a wire transfer through its Swiss bank account for a little more than US$19.5 mln to billionaire’s account in the US bank.

In total, Silver Valley made nearly 200 transactions for US$190mln between 2006 and 2016, and some of them looked suspicious. It was found out by US bank examiners that Silver Valley received nearly US$900,000 in 2012 from a person investigated for tax evasion in the past. Next year, the BVI company received two payments from an aviation firm whose shareholder was involved with a suspected money laundering scheme. All the transactions came to light after law enforcement officials asked financial institutions to look for suspicious deals that could be connected to Trump-Russia investigation.

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