BVI group files lawsuit against wrong foreclosure action

BVI-based company Aman Resorts Group Ltd, which previously agreed to be put into bankruptcy protection in the United States, then filed a lawsuit in NY bankruptcy court against Russian real estate developer Vladislav Doronin accusing him of gutting its asset, the holding company owning Aman Resorts, through a wrong foreclosure action. The lawsuit against two firms controlled by Russian entrepreneur seeks to “rescind the purported sale”, and return to the BVI group any assets from the hotel operations during the period after the deal. According to the filed lawsuit, Doronin’s company Pontwelly Holding Co improperly foreclosed on the holding company Silverlink Resorts Ltd., and then transferred its interest in Silverlink to Doronin’s A H Overseas. As a result, according to the lawsuit, Aman Resorts, created for purchasing Silverlink, was left with $US70mln in creditor obligations.

American businessman Omar Amanat and Doronin had been co-investors in the resorts, and formed a joint venture in 2014. The resorts were controlled through a number of companies. According to Doronin’s side, the long-standing dispute over the hotels ownership was settled on March 7 in the UK court.

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