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Ex Thai PM’s children are ordered to pay taxes for their BVI company’s deals

Two children of ex-Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra have been ordered by anti-graft authorities to pay US$616 million (20 billion baht) in outstanding taxes and fines, from the last year sale of Thaksin’s telecom giant Shin Corp. to Singapore’s … Continue reading

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Al Parish’s case: the missing amount of money could be placed in the BVI offshore account

When the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission started a usual investment check of Battery Wealth Management, there was no information found on the investments of Al Parish – the part-owner and vice president of the company. The hidden business activities … Continue reading

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BVI Companies’ bank accounts used in a ‘Pump and Dump’ Scheme

Last week the US Securities and Exchange Commission started proceedings against the Park Financial Group, Inc., a registered broker-dealer with a disciplinary history, and its principal Gordon Cantley. The company is alleged of creating and using a fraudulent scheme involving … Continue reading

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BVI Company involved in the biggest tax evasion case in the history of U.S.

Walter Anderson was the biggest convicted tax cheat in the history of United States. Some months ago he was pleaded guilty to two counts of federal tax evasion, and one count of defrauding the District of Columbia for failing to … Continue reading

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Former Nigerian governor stole millions of US dollars through BVI and Seychelles companies

Recently the Times informed that Nigerian Government is seeking to seize control of bank accounts and properties of Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, which was the elected governor of one of the richest oil states of Nigeria. During his being in this … Continue reading

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About 500 million yen earned through the BVI paper company

The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau has filed a tax evasion compaint with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office against the retired employee in Toshima Ward company. He is accused of stashing cash in Singapore and British Virgin Islands for over … Continue reading

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