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BAE’s deals as part of the UK arms exports

We have already discussed in several blogs the course of investigation started by the Serious Fraud Office on bribery and corruption in the UK defence conglomerate BAE Systems. Currently there are six inquiries into BAE, the most serious allegations are … Continue reading

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Shares of the Biotech Company Novogen held by a BVI company are confiscated by the court decision

On May 21, 2007 the shares in the Sydney biotech company Novogen held by a little-known BVI company were confiscated. The NSW Supreme Court action is the first public move by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission in the five-agency, … Continue reading

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BVI Companies controlled by the alleged Mafia boss are to be investigated by Namibian authorities

Vito Palazzolo came to the special attention of Namibian officials and media in March, 2007, when it emerged that his son had been appointed a director of Avilla Investments – a company which held a licence to buy rough diamonds … Continue reading

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BVI-registered company indicted on Internet gambling charges

Seven people and four companies, among which there is a British Virgin Islands company, were charged last week with multiple felonies related to processing credit cards for gambling websites. The defendants are charged with bank fraud, violations of the wirewager … Continue reading

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The US Department of Justice seeks to pursue BAE Systems over the alleged bribes

Some years ago the investigation was started by the SFO  concerning the alleged bribery and corruption in the British defence conglomerate BAE Systems. The UK Serious Fraud Office has six continuing investigations into BAE, including company’s deals in South Africa … Continue reading

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Revenue authorities investigate BVI and Swiss companies standing behind the Leeds’ purchase

In March we have discussed the selling of Elland Road, which is the home stadium of the football team Leeds United, to the little-known BVI company Teak Trading Corporation, and the following discussions on buying back the stadium and the … Continue reading

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Government’s Philippine National Construction Corp. to lose large amount through its deal with BVI-registered Radstock

Filipino taxpayers have lost P18 billion in cash, real estate, future cash earnings and shares of stock of Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC)  that runs the country’s toll roads, to a little-known company registered in the British Virgin Islands. By … Continue reading

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