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Shareholders of BVI-registered Lenta Ltd continue arguing publicly

The shareholders of St. Petersburg retail chain Lenta August Meyer and Oleg Zherebtsov continue emotional discussions and mutual accusations, trying to force each other out from company’s management. By words of an American shareholder, the subject of conflict and disagreement … Continue reading

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BVI registered fund invites Scandinavian investors to earn on oil resources of Iraq and its war ruined economy

The economy of Iraq is destroyed by the war which lasts already for 4.5 years, and which took away lives of tens of thousands of civilians. The war is going in the full scale, with the help of more than … Continue reading

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Hydro’s Aluminium operations with BVI-registered companies go to court

It has already been discussed previously that Norwegian Hydro Aluminium passed money through BVI-based intermediary in its deals with the Tajikistan Aluminium company. Then, the case of the largest missing aluminium amount in the world was considered in the High … Continue reading

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FTC Warning about the “809 phone scam” associated with BVI and other Caribbean Countries

BVI offshore business related news sources have many times discussed the so-called 809 long distance code scam (BVI), which is usually and mistakenly related to the British Virgin Islands. All the case was about people receiving urgent messages in which … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s Elections: offshore investments through BVI and other offshore jurisdictions going to be reduced

The island state of Taiwan is choosing between the identity politics of the current leadership or the pro-business politics of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT). There are about three months before national elections on Taiwan, and the presidential campaign is extremely … Continue reading

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