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Timeshare Holders Consider Lawsuit against BVI Government

The Prospect Reef Vacation Club (PRVC) is going to file a lawsuit against the British Virgin Islands government in the U.S. Federal Court, for an estimated sum of US$4-8 mln. The international group is alleging that the BVI government illegally … Continue reading

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Sanctions imposed against Foreign Fund, BVI company as a relief defendant ordered to turn over more than US$658,000

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced that it obtained orders imposing more than US$2.9 mln in sanctions against Foreign Fund and some other defendants, including two individuals and a Tennessee Corporation, for violations of the anti-fraud provisions of … Continue reading

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Old charges of corruption of the new Pakistani leader: Zardari involved in BVI-Liechtenstein offshore schemes

Asif Ali Zardari, the controversial politician who took over the leadership of the party of his murdered wife Benazir Bhutto, spent more than eleven years in jail, being charged with corruption. Now, when he has been elected the new president … Continue reading

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Crocodile Dundee accused of hiding taxes through an offshore BVI-registered company

Paul Hogan, an Australian actor known in the world as the Crocodile Dundee star has been accused of defrauding the tax office, by borrowing money from one of his offshore companies and then claiming a tax deduction of almost $1 … Continue reading

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Malaysian businessman alleged to be involved in the scam with the BVI company, his money frozen in Singapore banks

The businessman Mr Ung Yoke Hooi, who owns business dealing in scrap metal and industrial waste, was deprived of access to nearly US$500,000 in his Singapore bank accounts for almost two years. This money was frozen by authorities because of … Continue reading

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Liquidator of BVI-controlled Firepower calls for informal meeting of shareholders

Bryan Hughes, the liquidator of the failed fuel technology company Firepower Operations Pty Ltd, an Australian branch of the BVI-registered Firepower Holdings Group Ltd., has called an informal meeting of shareholders to look into suggestions that company’s previous directors are … Continue reading

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