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OECD-listed offshore centres including BVI compete in services

The lists of tax havens published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development () (OECD), – especially the so called “grey list” – became the cause of hard battle for business between international financial centres. This competition will probably … Continue reading

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Newly formed BVI company may be delisted from NYSE Amex

China Networks International Holdings Ltd. (formerly known as Alyst Acquisition Corp.) received a letter from the NYSE Amex indicating its intent to proceed with delisting of company’s common stock, units and warrants. The intent is based on the Exchange’s Company … Continue reading

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BVI-domiciled Intabill sued for $52m

The Australian internet tycoon Daniel Tzvetkoff has been filed a $52 million legal action by an online gambling firm Kolyma Corporation AVV. The action was lodged in the Supreme Court of Brisbane on May 25, 2009. Mr. Tzvetkoff and his … Continue reading

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Legal support launched against vulture funds – BVI fund Donegal and other institutions

The African Development Bank launched legal support organisation to protect the poor African states negotiating commercial transactions or facing litigation by the so-called vulture funds. These funds have already provoked international criticism by launching lawsuits – many of them being … Continue reading

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Accountant charged of incorporating BVI sham corporation

Steven Michael Rubinstein, the accountant of wealthy Coral Springs company, became the first U.S. citizen charged in a wide-ranging tax probe of Swiss major bank UBS, based in Zurich. The reason for the criminal charges were the UBS records obtained by … Continue reading

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