Tax service secretary asked over BVI company deal

Dave Hartnett, permanent secretary for tax at UK Revenue& Customs, is to be questioned by MPs over leaked documents concerning the settlement of a tax dispute with Goldman Sachs. According to the report of the tax authorities, this settlement apparently waived a charge for interest.

The settlement follows a dispute over national insurance contributions that featured a scheme involving Goldman Sachs Services, an associated company in the British Virgin Islands jurisdiction. In 2005, other banks that used the scheme settled with the Revenue & Customs. In 2010, a tribunal judge David Williams said the British Virgin Islands-registered Goldman Sachs Services was “a way of keeping information about the GS accounts and payroll out of the public domain and confidential”.

Last month, Jesse Norman, an MP on the Common Treasury committee, pressed Mr Hartnett to discuss BVI company’s deal but Mr Hartnett said the Revenue’s lawyers prevented him from commenting.

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